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Founded in 1999, Milestones in Recovery provides residential, partial hospital, and intensive outpatient programs for individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder. Both the setting and levels of care are intended to fill a void in the continuum of care, providing an alternative to a hospital-based inpatient facility.

At Milestones, our facility and programs are nationally accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the Agency for Healthcare Administration and provide top-quality eating disorder treatment in Florida.  We offer both residential and virtual treatments.

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Milestone Specializes in These Types of Disordered Eating and Related Conditions
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What Our Clients Say About Our Treatments
Andrea KatzAndrea Katz
18:11 27 Nov 23
My treatment at Milestones interrupted over 20 years of food addiction and gave me a solid path to recovery. The philosophy here is simple, effective.and brilliant. Followed by intense involvement in OA, today I am free of the compulsion and very happy. Forever grateful!
Kristal MorelKristal Morel
15:58 22 Nov 23
Milestones changed my life! Everyone there was so kind, knowledgeable, professional, understanding. I will always be grateful for their support and how much I grew while being there!!!!🩷🩷
Sharon BeanSharon Bean
16:15 21 Oct 23
Milestones is the miracle that saved my life. I struggled with food addiction and disordered eating for forty years with shorter periods of abstinence followed by worsening, crippling relapses. Milestones provided the safe space I needed away from the food first, then small group therapy with a few different therapists and topnotch one-to-one therapy. Not so much to cure everything in my life, but to establish with their expertise and my feedback what my body really requires for balance. All this in completely normal, non-hospital spaces,-- living and work. Clients live in apartments in small groups, and shop for and prepare meals ourselves. Not easy under the best of circumstances, but additionally supportive that both main spaces are surrounded by ponds, waterways, and wildlife.
16:56 17 Oct 23
Great center that helped me regain control and confidence over my issues with food. The staff is very accommodating and warm. They understand food addiction extremely well and how to tackle it properly. I learned that I wasn’t truly isolated after thinking I was for so long. The groups and community helped so much with it.
Annie BuccaAnnie Bucca
18:30 28 Sep 23
All The therapists are phenomenal.Administration is great and efficient. Admission was easy. The apartments are not great but livable. They teach you how to live outside of treatment. Food shopping, cooking ect. I would come back if I need to. This was my second visit. The food plan really really works. I was taught so much about nutrition.Thank you Milestones. If you need help go you won't be disappointed
Erin ShireyErin Shirey
17:07 18 Jul 23
I've tried to receive treatment at this facility twice and both times ended up being ignored. The first interaction, I was told I was "too sick for treatment" and I had to reach a certain BMI and be medically stabilized first. I received that treatment elsewhere and met that criteria. When I reached back out to this facility, they seemed very hopeful that I would be able to get treatment there. I was unwilling to do residential since I am out of state with a small child. I was told that was fine and understandable, so we went ahead and scheduled an assessment. When I did the assessment they informed me I would have to do residential treatment for a minimum of 30 days before transitioning down to PHP or IOP. When I said that was not what I was told prior, I was informed someone would call me back and speak to me about it. No one has reached out and the woman I spoke to hung up on me while I was talking to her. My insurance does not cover many treatment options, so I was very happy to have found somewhere that offered virtual OP treatment covered by my insurance. Very disappointing that I wasted my time twice.
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