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An accredited anorexia treatment program designed to help you achieve lasting recovery!


We approach anorexia treatment from a more “holistic” perspective
Doing so is best described by the acronym “SMERF”
Spirituality, Meditation, Exercise, Rest, & Food Plan


  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Dedicated individual primary therapist
  • Registered dietitians and clinical nutritionists
  • Certified recreation therapists
  • EMDR therapist with specialized training in treating eating disorders
  • Experiential therapy


  • Extreme weight loss or not making expected developmental weight gains
  • Thin appearance
  • Abnormal blood counts
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Bluish discoloration of the fingers
  • Hair that thins, breaks, or falls out
  • Soft, downy hair covering the body
  • Absence of menstruation
  • Constipation and abdominal pain
  • Dry or yellowish skin

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    Residential Treatment

    Our team at Milestones offers a diverse background specializing in eating disorder treatment. Since 1999, we have been providing the highest level of care to those with eating disorders, and our residential treatment program aims to help you reclaim your life with positive support, structure, and individualized care plans that will meet your needs while being sustainable for your future.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    This option is for patients who are stepping down from residential treatment or meet the criteria for intensive outpatient treatment Patients meet five days a week in-person to provide those with structure, support, and implementation of daily acts of living. Additionally, you will be immersed in the community and participate in group therapy and individualized therapy in conjunction with nutritional support therapy with our licensed nutritionist.

    Day Treatment

    This program is offered to those who are stepping down from IOP or meet the criteria for partial hospitalization. PHP participants are required to meet 3 days a week in person and this schedule is usually flexible and can be modified to meet your specific needs.

    Telehealth Outpatient Program

    Telehealth is a virtual platform where we offer the benefits of either IOP or PHP nationwide. All support groups, individualized therapy, group therapy, nutrition needs, and evening meetings can be offered through telehealth if the criteria are met for this level of treatment.

    Stabilization Program

    We offer a stabilization program to those who are newly recovered and have previously been to Milestones. Therefore qualifying as a Milestones Alumni. This is a two-week maintenance approach structured to reset your program and gain back your recovery. This is done through residential care.

    Aftercare Support Program

    Aftercare is a supportive network led by our Alumni Coordinator that will offer you additional support and resources once you have been discharged from any level of care.

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