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We’re here for you every step of the way during your binge eating recovery


An accredited binge eating treatment program designed to help you achieve lasting recovery!


We approach binge eating disorder treatment from a more “holistic” perspective
Doing so is best described by the acronym “SMERF”
Spirituality, Meditation, Exercise, Rest, & Food Plan for you every step of the way during your binge eating recovery


  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Dedicated individual primary therapist
  • Registered dietitians and clinical nutritionists
  • Certified recreation therapists
  • EMDR therapist with specialized training in treating eating disorders
  • Experiential therapy

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Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms

  • Eating unusually large amounts of food in a specific amount of time, such as over a two-hour period
  • Feeling that your eating behavior is out of control
  • Eating even when you’re full or not hungry
  • Eating rapidly during binge episodes
  • Eating until you’re uncomfortably full
  • Frequently eating alone or in secret
  • Feeling depressed, disgusted, ashamed, guilty, or upset about your eating
  • Frequently dieting, possibly without weight loss

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    What Our Clients Say!

    Binge Eating Disorder
    Treatment options


    Binge Eating
    Residential Treatment

    Our Binge Eating Residential Treatment program provides a supportive residential setting that incorporates condo style living with supportive roommates. Our program advocates for individuals to fully participate in grocery shopping, meal preparation, and steps toward becoming your most authentic self. Our multifaceted staff of physicians, psychologists, therapists, nutritionists, and operation/ administrative managers collaborate to ensure your experience is life changing and sustainable.

    Binge Eating
    Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    Our Binge Eating Partial Hospitalization Program (Intensive. outpatient) offers a continuation of care once you are ready to transition out of residential treatment. You will have flexibility with your schedule with the expectation of daily attendance 5-days per week. This program allows for structure, support, and help with ADL's. You will engage in community immersion, group therapy, individual therapy and receive nutritional support from our licensed nutritionist to evolve and grow your recovery journey.

    Binge Eating
    Day Treatment

    Our Binge Eating Disorder IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is modeled after our PHP program with fewer attendance requirements. While avoiding overnight and weekend oversight, it provides a recommended transitional level of care for those transitioning from residential treatment. It is crucial to stay tethered to a recovery community, and this program ensures just that while continuing therapeutic, nutrition, and goal setting groups.

    Binge Eating
    Telehealth Outpatient Program

    Our Binge Eating Disorder Telehealth IOP program encompasses everything you previously read about in our outpatient programs with the added advantage and comfort of remote access. We have evolved in recent years, and this type of technology allows us to better serve and meet your recovery needs with ease and convenience.

    Binge Eating
    Stabilization Program

    Our Binge Eating Disorder stabilization program offers a unique "Rejuvenate" opportunity for alumni who attended residential program. It provides a tailored approach to reinforce and restore ongoing recovery. Graduates can benefit from a two-week stay accompanied by an individualized transitional plan upon completion. The "Rejuvenation" program has been highly regarded by our alumni for its ability to revitalize and support their continued journey towards lasting recovery.

    Binge Eating
    Aftercare Support Program

    Our Binge Eating Aftercare treatment program provides aftercare support led by our Alumni Coordinator, offering continued assistance and resources following discharge from any level of care.

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