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Dr. Lerner of Milestones was a guest speaker on Molly Carmel’s Apple podcast “What You’re Craving” on May 10, 2022.  Molly is the owner of The Beacon eating disorder practice in New York.

This episode calls for a pencil and notepad as Molly and Dr. Lerner dig deep into the psychological relationship we have with food and how it affects us.
Dr. Lerner, being a pioneer in the field of food addiction, starts off by talking about his foundations in research of eating disorders and food addiction and then his transition to the treatment of the individuals suffering from these diseases.
 Molly and Dr. Lerner give some key takeaways that Dr. Lerner has gleaned from his food addiction research. First, the two discuss a three-stage process of what tends to happen when individuals begin avoiding food triggers: at first, doing it to be “good,” then it simply becomes easier, finally it becomes more comfortable and a preference. This leads to the conversation of SMERF– an acronym that Dr. Lerner notes should not just be for those that suffer from food addiction, but for anyone in general that simply wants to live a better lifestyle.
 Key Highlights
The importance of differentiating between eating disorders and food addiction; When we avoid our biological food triggers, it can lead to a lasting change that will become easier and a preference; Hard work is the only way any form of recovery can take root in our lives; As a society, we often overthink and underdo; Using SMERF to improve any lifestyle: Spirituality, Meditation, Exercise, Rest, and Food Plan; Your ego is not your amigo– when relapse or a slip happens, our ego or shame often get in the way and we are afraid to ask for help.
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