Daniyel Polynice

Daniyel Polynice

Daniyel is a seasoned professional with over five years of specializing in substance abuse and dual diagnosis populations. In her role as the Client Care Coordinator, Daniyel supports our clients from admission to discharge. Daniyel’s excellent communication skills, compassionate nature, and strong interpersonal boundaries enable her to quickly build trust and connections with our clients, empowering them in their journey towards recovery.

Daniyel also excels in operations, where she has showcased her leadership abilities and organizational acumen. With a passion for efficiency, she has played a pivotal role in optimizing workflows and enhancing program effectiveness. Daniyel’s multifaceted experience, coupled with her dedication to improving the lives of others, positions her as an asset in the field of mental health and substance abuse support services.

 Beyond her professional obligations, Daniyel prioritizes quality time with her family, valuing each moment spent together. And when she’s not attending to her duties, she finds solace in retail therapy, indulging in her passion and determination for a good sale.  

I feel like this is a perfect reflection of myself and my role with Milestones. If you suggest verbiage should be changed, I take your word for it. Thank you again for the help with this.

Daniyel Polynice


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