I first got connected with Milestones in 2012. Was at a very low point in my life in many ways and had always struggled with not being able to stick to a diet( and I tried them all), and extreme morbid obesity. I had no idea what to do.

I reached out to Milestones after being referred by a friend and after a free consultation joined their program. the lifestyle oriented changes that I learned and obtained there have truly led to some of the best and and most significant changes that I have ever experienced in my life and that is not an exaggeration.

After I adopted their plan and got used to it, I stopped the diet roller coaster, lost the weight natutally( down 180 lbs) and maintaining it for years and am so much healthier then I used to be. Mentally as well as physically . Perhaps even more amazing then that is I no longer struggle with my relationship with food and weight probably 95 pct of the time. For the first time in my life at 50 years old (as I write this) I have a mostly peaceful and neutral relationship with food for a number of years now which is still amazing to me.

So much of these benefits that I’ve obtained are as a direct result of my engagement and convection to Milestones and their truly excellent program.

If your struggling with food and are not sure what to do, please reach out to them. Perhaps they can help you as they helped me